About “The Drone Flight School”

My name is Scott Strimple and I started The Drone Flight School to provide solutions for those searching for a more professional approach to operating their small unmanned aircraft.   All too often I see or hear about a drone incident or accident that could have been easily avoided with the proper knowledge and training.   It has been said that “You don’t know what it is you don’t know”.   We see this playing out in the world of unmanned fight as manufactures, lured by the promise of insane sales figures, frequently reference technology to mask the need for true pilot knowledge, training and experience.  For this reason, the barriers of entry into the world of professional unmanned flight are few and relatively inexpensive.  The dirty little secret however is that in the world of aviation, manned or unmanned there is truly no substitute for meaningful pilot knowledge, training and experience.  The Drone Flight School is fueled by decades and tens of thousands of hours of knowledge, training and experience in both professional manned and unmanned aviation.  We provide industry leading training modeled after that which is responsible for our nations air travel safety record, thus affording our clientele a competitive advantage in business.


The foundation of safety is an appreciation

for the limitations of:




so that you can recognize when you are inside

those limits and feel comfortable to operate there

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Director of Training

Scott Strimple is a leading educator and evangelists for small unmanned aircraft operations.  A Captain, FAA check pilot for a major airline and certified flight instructor with 32000+ flight hours;  two time Emmy award winning cinematographer with more than 50 years operating sUA combined with extensive subject matter expertise in flight training provide Scott with an industry leading perspective to the world of unmanned flight. His leadership and experience with unmanned aviation have been recognized by his appointment to the Governor of Virginia’s Unmanned Systems Commission. He has been an Executive Committee member and task group lead with the ASTM working closely with the FAA to develop operating standards for the unmanned aviation industry.  Scott is frequently seen presenting at industry events, contributing written work and being quoted by numerous media outlets. He is an Emmy award winging cinematographer, a member of the Society of Aerial Cinematographers and facilitates sUAS training across the country in conjunction with Sonoran Desert Institute and under his own brand CinemAerial Visuals and The Drone Flight School.